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Whats Included:

Delivery of your Segway to your Hotel.

Gliding on a Segway is like nothing you've ever experienced! Step on and your instincts take over. You'll quickly realise that the Segway will respond similarly to how you balance yourself – as if it were an extension of your body. Simply lean forward slightly and the Segway will move in response. It all feels incredibly natural and really cool.

Travel along our pedestrianised promenade that will lead you to Agadir centre and Harbour which stretches for miles with no traffic, you will see Jugglers Artists, balloon sellers and many other attractions along the way. When you ride our segway you will become empowered pedestrians that cover more ground, work smarter, are more productive and move more intelligently. The experience of gliding manifests itself in an ear-to-ear grin known as the Segway Smile, imperative that you give this a try.

A glide is a trip you take on a Segway. We like the term because it simply and accurately describes the easy and smooth riding motion of a Segway. Gliding is a fun way to meet new people, see the sights, or just get out and enjoy the day. Ride along the magnificent promenade with beautiful white sands on one side and brilliant views of the Atlantic Mountains on the other. Ride further along and you’re in the Marina where you can stop at one of the many restaurants for a delicious cup of Moroccan mint tea whilst watching the fish in the harbour.


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